Taboga Trekking Adventure in Taboga Island

Hello, we have curated this Tropical Trekking Adventure because we want you to know Taboga Island, it’s history, flavors and get to the top of Cerro de la Cruz!

This Taboga Trekking Adventure includes:

✓A lovely ferry ride, from the crazy and busy Panama City to this beautiful and charming island!

✓Breakfast: ✓Coffee ✓Empanada

✓Trekking Tour with refreshments.

✓Great lunch. The lunch includes ✓appetizer, ✓main course, ✓dessert, ✓1 national beer or soda.

✓Free time for you to enjoy the beach.


The trip starts at Isla Flamenco, you will hop in the 9:30 ferry ride! I will provide you a ferry ride code once your booking is fully ensured.

✓ 8:00 am: Departure – You must arrive punctually, the ferry usually leaves on time so I’d suggest being there at least 15 min earlier.


✓8:35 am: Meet us at the pier & breakfast – We will meet at the pier, enjoy delicious breakfast and get to know each other before jumping into the adventure!


✓8:50 am Trekking. The trekking lasts between 1.5 and 2.5 hours and will be led by local experts!


✓12:00 pm Lunch. This will take place at a local venue: ✓Appetizer ✓Main Course ✓Dessert ✓1 National Beer or Soda ✓


✓1:15 pm Free time. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon hanging by the beach or walking around the island.


✓4 pm (or 5 pm). Return. You had a lovely Tropical Luxury Adventure and it’s time to get back to the concrete jungle. Let me know if you prefer to come back at 4 pm or 5 pm.

Return: 4 or 5 pm (depending on your choice and ferry ride availability upon reservation)

What to bring 

We suggest bringing a reusable water bottle and bring as few plastics or disposable items as possible for this Tropical Trekking Adventure.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suit, beach towel, comfy shoes.

Other recommendations

Pack lightly, there are lockers on the island but in case you’d like to keep your belongings with you at all given times we suggest not to overpack.

Bring your camera, good vibes and prepare for a Tropical Trekking Adventure!

Not recommendable for kids under 13.

Other amenities on the island

Umbrella and chairs 2 for $15. Please request in advance for Playa Honda*

Beach towel rentals: $7 per person. Please request in advance*

Beach shower: $2 per person



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