Taboga under the rain. A one in a lifetime Taboga Luxury Adventure!

The sky was practically falling off the sky when Sarah and Dan arrived at Taboga but that didn’t stop us from getting into a Taboga Luxury Adventure.

In the end, if there’s something you should know about the tropics is… We get rain. Lots of rain!

It seemed as if our adventure was not going to move along but after grabbing a delicious breakfast burrito and coffee in Taboga Roma (the first restaurant by the pier) we moved to La Mimosa de Taboga to hide from the rain.

Al La Mimosa de Taboga, Sarah and Dan enjoyed themselves, the stormy view and some bubbly before heading to Caffe Cappri, at Villa Caprichosa, where they had a delicious lunch.

After their lunch, we picked up the tour we didn’t get to do in the morning but instead of walking we rode around the island in an off-road cart. We visited the French Cemetery, the Aspinwall, Church and even get to ride around the Abanicos neighborhood and Playa Restinga.

In the end, we had lots of fun and they sure enjoyed their time in Taboga.

The moral of this story is, don’t ever let the rain scare you away from a great adventure! It can even make it more adventurous (if you will forgive the redundancy).

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