Taboga Luxury Adventure by Donna Dawson

We know Emma and Jonathan, the owners of this website on Taboga, the island of flowers

When we saw the notice for this day tour we decided to do it just to see what it would be like.

We live in Panama and have been to Taboga before as well but I thought this would be a fun thing to do with friends who had never been here before.

Arriving to Isla Flamenco

We got our information sheet from Emma and arrived at the Taboga Express ferry dock at Isla Flamenco in plenty of time to walk around the area. This is a fantastic area in itself with all kinds of boats parked to drool over, restaurants to eat at and soon to be the new home of the Port for cruise lines… Can hardly wait!!

Where you meet the Taboga Express is at the waterside of the building has the duty free and Alberto’s restaurant.

We took the 9:30 ferry and by the way, there was a great coffee shop open too to enjoy before the boat left.

Boarding the boat

We boarded the boat, found our seats and set off… It is really a nice 45 minute trip as before you is Taboga, behind you is Panama City. Going through to Taboga you will see many ships waiting for their turn through the Panama Canal. You can buy water or other drinks on the ferry as well.

Arriving to Taboga

The four of us arrived at around 10:15 and Emma’s guide Herman was there on the dock with a sign ‘Tropical Luxury Adventure’.

We had a short intro to the area we had arrived in then we started our walk, lasting around 45 minutes or maybe a bit more.

It is not a large island to explore if you want to set off hiking but it is a tropical island. Make sure you have water with you, sunscreen and insect spray. We didn’t even need insect spray because we were basically just touring the streets that the 1500 or so people live on.

Exploring Taboga

Taboga is mostly tropical forest with a small area inhabited by locals and imports (that is what I call people like myself and my husband who have found Panama and decided to live here).

The people who live here are passionate about their little island so you will find it very clean, and please take your rubbish back with you.

Brightly coloured in tropical shades (even some in that wonderful shade of blue that you find in Greece), friendly and happy.

We wandered some of the streets, passing by people sitting outside enjoying the quiet, children playing. Our guide saying hi to all he met, after all I am sure he knows everyone.

We passed the area where Paul Gauguin lived while working on the French canal. Passed many little shrines set up with fresh flowers and then peeked inside the beautiful old church of San Pedro, where the priest was saying mass… Later on we met the priest going from shrine to shrine blessing them.

It’s hard not to like the way Taboga has grown, filled with flowers, people who care for the island and want to keep it clean and a nice place to live. We learned a lot on our walking tour, thanks to Herman and his joy in sharing Taboga with us.

I found some more information here that you might enjoy…

We finished up our walk and had some time before lunch so a cool drink was in mind for us all.

I had met Rita at the dock earlier when we arrived and she handed me a slip of paper with CALALOO Beach, FishBar & Grill – Panama Restaurant. That just happened to be where we ended up going. Vicky is known for her Margaritas but not now, we wanted to have something to eat first.

Had nice cool drinks and met the Owners, Cynthia is a Canadian so had a nice chat with her and said we would be back, but Villa Caprichosa was calling us now. So we jumped on the cool 4 wheel drive machine and off we went up to the hill to a bit of heaven.

Lunch at Villa Caprichosa

Tom and I and 2 other friends had stayed there in their Villa La Chosa and it was out of this world beautiful, but now, wow, it had gotten so much more beautiful as there was another cafe for the guests and another pool.

We took photos and then sat down to a table with views out to the ocean and ships in the distance, the cork was popped and sparkling wine was served while we chatted about how nice it was here, how it looked like we were in Tuscany, how posh it was to stay here and on and on until our meals arrived, more sparkling wine poured (one large bottle for two) then it was time to leave but not before taking a peek around the boutique hotel to scout for future bookings. Thanks, Ximon for the great walkabout!

Back to Calaloo

Back down to Calaloo and drinks and much chatter until it was time to leave and off we set in our chariot to the pier…back on the boat and home.

A joyfilled day was had by all, with skies that were cloudy – really the best over here both for our bodies and for photos.

I think we were Em Vel and Jonathan’s first guests for this day trip and we were very pleased with our day. I know they will have many more day trips planned and if you find you want to spend more than a day here, check out Villa Caprichosa and do visit Calaloo! Emma and Jonathan also have their own home here where they rent out the top floor…

La Mimosa is the name and it has received some very good reviews.

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-Donna Dawson