Taboga Island ATM! The first ATM in Taboga Island belongs to the National Bank of Panama. This is the first ATM installed on an island in the Pearl Archipelago.

Both the island community and tourism have deeply benefited from this initiative. Now it is possible to withdraw money locally!

Can you believe we used to have to go all the way to the mainland to get some cash?

Our jubilados used to form really long lines to get their jubilation payment but now all of that’s ancient history and we are living the modern life! We can access to money without having to travel or making long lines.

This also represents an economic saving for the locals who do not have to invest in transportation costs just to get to spend more money.

If you’re ready to visit Taboga Island make sure you visit our Tour’s page and join the one you like the best!

Taboga Island is located only 20 km away from Panama City. To get here you simply catch one of the 4 ferry rides that depart from Isla Flamenco every day.

When you arrive at Taboga you can simply lay by the beach or engage in a Taboga Adventure. There are plenty of restaurants and hotels where you can eat, sleep and enjoy.

Make sure you visit Taboga and remember, we know have an ATM!

Taboga Island ATM