Taboga Express Fast Ferry has been operating since 2015.

Taboga Express is the No. 1 transportation to Taboga Island as they are fast, safe, reliable and overall the service is great.

At Taboga Island Online we really enjoy a nice ferry ride, within minutes you will be at the Island or back to Panama City.

Dis you know Taboga Island is the closest and most convenient beach area to Panama City? You are just literally a 30-minute ferry ride away. If you’re ready to travel to our lovely paradise then Taboga Express is the ideal transportation for you and your loved ones!

Their goal is to bring safe, fast, comfortable and affordable transportation to the residents of Taboga Island and to also enhance tourism within the island economy. This is why they are our main transportation partners and we love and promote their services.

Their ferries operate through the Panama Canal Anchorage area, which means you will be treated to the awesome sights of huge vessels passing or anchored waiting for their turn to enter the Panama Canal. 

Taboga Express crew members are licensed by the Autoridad de Maritima de Panama (Panama Maritime Authority, also known as the AMP) and are fully qualified in First Aid and Fire Fighting

They operate from Fuerte Amador Mall, Isla Flamenco, on the Amador Causeway. 

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